Performance Management

We specialise in developing high performing individuals and teams in three ways. Coaching, team development and performance management.

Performance Coaching is about transparently working with individuals and their line manager on performance. After an initial 3 way conversation to agree and establish the joint outcomes, goals required and what will be different when these are achieved and the benefits others will notice as a result, 1:1 performance coaching – normally over a series of 6 coaching sessions, either face to face or by phone – is a confidential and highly powerful way of helping individuals step back, reflect and find ways to improve their performance and that of others. This can be done with both individuals and teams, and is probably the biggest single factor in developing high performance.

“Solution Focused performance management is about catching and helping your staff recognise what they are doing right when they are at their best in the workplace.”

Developing high performing teams can also take the form of highly interactive, solution focused practical teambuilding days. How we do this varies from team to team, and each day uses a bespoke and highly tailored variety of techniques that are designed to help the team realise what they are doing that is working and to identify simple and easy ways that they can immediately do more of this. They also build the trust and openness to talk about and identify what is not working so well, and what needs to happen to change this.

Any performance management system is only as good as the ability, confidence and commitment of managers to use and tailor the system to the teams and individual they work with. For this reason, a third and critical aspect of developing high performance is equipping middle and senior managers with the mindset, skills and tools to maximise the performance of those they work with and are responsible for.

Often the biggest shift to high performance is the realisation, accountability and confidence to have short but regular motivating conversations that need to happen, and to realise that high performers need these conversations as much as those who might be below the performance level required.

What we find gives managers this confidence and realisation is simple practical management tools that they can use in both formal and informal performance conversations, and the ability to do so with authenticity and ownership.

For this reason we often offer Solution Focused performance management and Fierce Conversations tools and techniques. Solution Focused performance management is about catching and helping your staff recognise what they are doing right when they are at their best in the workplace, and how they can do this even more often. Fierce Conversations is more about enabling managers to have the difficult conversations that sometimes need to happen, including making staff aware of and accept the need for change, and how then to sustain and build the resulting progress.