Leadership and Management

What we offer in terms of leadership and management is the ability to design, develop, run and evaluate highly effective leadership and management programmes and interventions that are bespoke to each client we work with. The format, content and approach of this is by definition unique to each client depending on where they currently are and where they want to get to both in terms of leadership and management. We primarily work at and excel in senior and middle management level but also work with front line teams and small and medium enterprises (SMEs.) We also help our clients notice and evaluate what is working, as client inspired success stories are important to us.

How we do this varies each time. However, what is consistent to all the programmes we design and run for our clients is that they are outcome focused and are practical, interactive and immediate in short term impact, whilst also designed to bring about longer term sustainable change.

In our recent work with Further education (FE) colleges and the public sector more widely, our clients have found that combining Solution Focused coaching with Insights Discovery and Fierce Conversations is a particularly powerful and practical way of developing senior and middle managers in order to achieve greater accountability, motivation, effectiveness and efficiency. These leadership and management programmes have often been part of a wider drive to shift grade 3 or 4 colleges from requires improvement to grade 1 outstanding.