Coaching is about helping individuals, teams and organisations get more quickly and more easily from A to B than they can on their own. Coaching can vary from non-directive coaching to directive coaching, depending on the outcome the coaching is desired to achieve.

The Shaun Lincoln group specialises in non-directive, Solution Focused coaching and will normally use this as a starting point for coaching conversations, but equally will use a variety of other coaching approaches, tools and techniques if this is found not to be working.

We offer coaching in four primary formats:

  • 1:1 leadership, performance or transition coaching
  • Team coaching
  • Coaching skills for managers (often known as ‘manager- as-coach’)
  • Developing ‘internal coaches’ in organisations

1:1 Coaching

This is usually over 6 sessions, and can either be face to face or over the phone (normally with the first and final being face to face). The coaching is confidential with the coachee responsible for communicating and implementing insights, actions and outcomes from the coaching.

In performance and transition coaching this will normally be preceded by a 3 way conversation between the coachee, coach and line manager on what the desired outcomes of what the coaching should be and a final follow up conversation between the coachee and line manager on what is better, what is different and how this progress can be sustained. In leadership coaching this tends to be two way only.

Team Coaching

This is usually combined with use of Insights Discovery or MBTI to increase the team’s self-awareness and awareness of the impact they have on each other, and when this is positive and not so positive. Team coaching uses many of the Solution Focused approaches and tools and techniques from 1:1 coaching, and can often be combined with 1:1 coaching.

What is distinctive about team coaching is the importance of recognising and working with different perspectives and perceptions. For this reason we often combine Fierce conversations as part of the team coaching.

Coaching Skills for Managers (‘manager- as-coach’) and Developing ‘internal coaches’ in Organisations

The Shaun Lincoln group specialises in developing coaching cultures and internal coaching capability with organisations, and has worked with several high profile public sector organisations over 5/6 years to achieve this with great success. We have also introduced Solution Focused coaching skills for managers and internal coach programmes in over 20 FE colleges, many of which have been cited by OFSTED in inspection reports as playing an important role in developing leadership and management capability and potential to achieve.

Enabling managers to coach and develop their people and help them realise their full potential has now become an accepted and increasingly effective way of how businesses get to and stay at outstanding.
We can help you achieve this through bespoke 3 or 5 day coaching programmes, that run over 6-9 months and both train and then supervise managers on using coaching either informally with their own teams (‘manager-as-coach’) or more formally as internal coaches with colleagues across the organisation.

Benefits our clients tell us are improved performance, greater leadership and accountability, and increased understanding and sharing of ideas and working across silos. Coaching is often seen as the ‘Heineken effect’ that gets to parts of your organisation that other interventions fail to reach.

We believe critical to successfully coaching others to realise their full potential are three factors:

  • Focusing on what is working
  • Letting silence do the heavy lifting
  • Achieving small steps rather than big objectives that never happen