Change Management and Culture Change

Change is happening all the time, and the only debate very often is the perception of the pace of change. At the Shaun Lincoln Group we focus on identifying the useful changes that are happening in your organisation and building on these.

We also help focus on the emotional and psychological shifts necessary for situational changes to stick, gain root and grow to become part of how we do things around here as we have found this is the most powerful to bring about long-term successful culture change.

Our clients find this agile, solution focused approach to change management and culture change works well as a platform for building the leadership and management cultures they need in times of uncertainty and change. As can be seen on our testimonials page, several colleges we have worked with such as Barking and Dagenham college, College of West Anglia, John Ruskin and Treloars have used our Solution focused management and working better together programmes to shift from requires improvement to outstanding.

Other of our clients such as Barnfield college, Brit School and Big Creative Education to name a few are also using this successful culture change model to increase accountability, development, responsibility and trust and progress to outstanding.